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The Day Before “considering” adding melee to the zombie survival game

The Day Before developer Fntastic says it's "considering" adding a melee mechanic to the online zombie survival game, after a rough launch.

The Day Before melee: a woman with short brown hair, sunglasses, and a brown unbuttoned shirt on

The Day Before might be adding melee attacks to the zombie survival game, as one of the staple mechanics of the genre didn’t drop with the MMO (or should I say extraction shooter?) at launch. With incredibly negative Steam reviews and an early access launch that’s getting absolutely destroyed online, Fntastic has a long way to go if it wants to redeem the game.

Things aren’t going well for The Day Before. Ahead of launch the statements from Fntastic and apparent copying of other game trailers seemed fishy at best, but the survival game is still trucking ahead, bless its heart. With poor optimization and bugs, AI-looking in-game ads, and a whole lot more, eventual melee mechanics might be a ways off.

Even so, Fntastic was asked about melee being added to the game in The Day Before Discord, to which developer ‘ryozombaku’ replies “We’re considering it.” You’d think a survival game about fighting off both other players and zombies would launch with melee combat of some kind, but it’s just one of the many things currently not in the game. Also, it looks like prone isn’t coming to The Day Before, at all.

The Day Before melee: a background shot from the game, with the forground showing a Fntastic dev talking about melee on Discord

I tried to play The Day Before on launch day, and after finally getting into a server I didn’t see nearly enough players or zombies to even realize that there isn’t a melee attack in the game itself. I’m not the only one to find the game lacking, even by early access standards, as the current The Day Before Steam ratings are frightfully low, with thousands deriding the launch quality and asking why a game advertised to be an MMO plays more like a barebones extraction shooter.

We at PCGamesN have also reported on how the in-game The Day Before press armor, which real-life journalists use in warzones when reporting for their protection, has an item description that says “no one likes journalists.”

To be candid, I’d spend your time playing something else until The Day Before even gets close to being in a playable state, never mind one that has some of the basic features like inviting friends. In the meantime, we’ve got some incredible free MMORPGs you should play alongside some great zombie games too.

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