Diablo and Destiny collide in new Steam co-op RPG game

The Desolation is an upcoming Steam co-op RPG blending concepts from Destiny, Borderlands, and Diablo in a cross-platform looter shooter.

The Desolation is a new Steam RPG fusing Diablo and Destiny - A soldier in a blue and white space helmet.

Diablo has you blasting through hordes of demons alongside your friends, leaving chaos (and a trail of loot) in your wake. Destiny takes you on adventures across gorgeous sci-fi planets, fighting all manner of alien creatures. Borderlands has the steady supply of weird and wonderful weapons to keep you experimenting with your loadout. Bring them together, and the result might look something like this new, upcoming Steam game.

The Desolation is a blend of looter-shooter and ARPG, offering full crossplay between PC and mobile platforms in the manner of games like Genshin Impact. Drawing from some of the best RPG games around, you’ll be able to build your chosen class into one of the classic combat roles such as damage dealer, tank, or support, teaming up with your friends or other players to bring down alien invaders together.

The year is 2140, and a species of synthetic alien parasites known as The Shade has humanity on the back foot. You’ll be fighting the invaders across a series of procedurally generated missions on both Earth and Mars, joining up with other players to maximize your chance of success – and getting your hands on the best loot. That includes a wide range of weapons up for grabs, customizable to suit your preferred play style.

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Berlin-based developer Stratosphere Games says, “The Desolation has been built from the ground up to provide an action-packed experience for both PC and mobile players without sacrificing quality or features.”

The Desolation is set to launch via Steam Early Access in the first half of 2024, with a full release planned later in the year. You can wishlist it on Steam to keep up to date. If you want a chance to play it early, Stratosphere Games is looking for 1,000 players to try the game out on Monday November 20 – for a chance to join, you’ll need to head to the game’s official discord server and register your interest via its giveaway page.

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