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Gorgeous new neo-future soulslike platformer lands on Steam today

The Devil Within Satgat is a new sci-fi soulslike game from South Korean studio Newcore Games, and it launches today via Steam Early Access.

Gorgeous 2.5D soulslike platformer The Devil Within Satgat launches on Steam with celebratory discount - A pretty woman with short hair looks at you. A dark, mountainous region can be seen behind her.

While we don’t yet have the likes of Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin on PC, a new soulslike game from South Korean developer Newcore Games just launched on Steam and looks like a fantastic alternative, blending the dramatic boss fights of Elden Ring, Nioh, and Sekiro with the combat, platforming and exploration of games like Devil May Cry 5, Hollow Knight, Blasphemous, and the recent Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. The Devil Within: Satgat is out now, with a Steam sale discount and a stunning new trailer featuring music from Trivium’s Matt Heafy to celebrate the launch.

In The Devil Within: Satgat you are Kim Rip, a member of the Emperor’s royal guard tasked with fighting the hordes of hell. Faced with the threat of a giant demonic tower known as the Ebon Sting, it’s up to you to take up your sword and attempt to put a stop to its devilish force in this gorgeous 2.5D soulslike action platform game. Following a successful showing during Steam Next Fest, the early access launch is now upon us, and there’s even a Steam sale saving to be had if you jump on quickly.

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Unfortunately, simply making use of Kim Rip’s own abilities and samurai tools may not be enough. You’ll be faced with intense platforming challenges and puzzles, along with some magnificent showpiece fights against the deadly Arch Demons lording over the Ebon Sting. Fortunately, with each of these powerful enemies you bring down, you’re able to harness the devilish powers of Kim Rip’s foes, albeit at the risk of his own humanity.

The action and platforming alike both show a lot of promise, with feedback from demos made available since June 2023 helping Newcore Games to further refine its systems. It’s also just really nice to look at, using a classic 2D perspective that’s perfect for its fast action but able to shift perspective at key moments to take advantage of the game’s 3D models and modern lighting to create some gorgeous, cinematic shots.

“The Devil Within: Satgat is ready for launch and players will have a chance to explore the dark, twisted fantasy we’ve put together,” creative director Manje Leesays of the launch, thanking the community for its support and feedback during its open betas and Steam Next Fest, and adding, “We plan to continue soliciting feedback from our community as we continue to make Satgat the best game we possibly can.”

The Devil Within: Satgat - A short-haired female warrior wearing white robes and fingerless gloves looks around warily as robotic figures approach her.

The Devil Within: Satgat is out now on Steam in early access. It’s priced at $19.99, although it’s also on sale for a 10% discount for the first week, meaning you can expect to pay $17.99 if you buy it before Tuesday, April 16. Newcore Games says it plans the early access period to last “from 9-12 months,” during which time it will be updating the game with new content, skills, weapons, areas, and additional polish and tweaks.

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