The Division 2’s Nemesis exotic sniper rifle lets you track enemies through walls

The upcoming exotic's talents have been datamined, and it looks like Nemesis will come equipped with tracking and a charge shot

The Division 2

The talents for The Division 2’s next exotic weapon, Nemesis, have been datamined. While we don’t yet know what gun the abilities will be attached to, we can tell what the weapon will be able to do if you manage to get your hands on it, and according to our resident Division expert, it’s pretty impressive.

The talents were reportedly revealed on Youtube, but that video has now been taken down. Thankfully, the information was captured and posted to Reddit, meaning we know what the Nemesis has to offer. Its first active talent is Counter-Sniper, equipping your rifle with a charge shot. Once charged, those shots will do increased body shot damage, and if you don’t kill the target, your next shot will charge quicker.

Nemesis’ second active talent will let you mark a target and track them throughout the world (in a system apparently similar to that on offer in the Far Cry series). The longer your mark is on a target, the more damage your Nemesis shots will deal when you eventually land them, up to a max of 50%.

The weapon’s passive talent is Preparation. While holstered, that’ll let you deal 25% bonus headshot damage while you’re scoped in with any other weapon.

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You can’t get hold of the weapon just yet, but we do know how to get the components you’ll need to put it together. It’s a pretty involved process, and one that’s occasionally hidden behind time-gated Invaded strongholds, so it might be worth getting a headstart with out guide on how to get the Nemesis exotic sniper.

If you’re on the hunt for more exotics, you can also check out our guide to the Pestilence and Chatterbox exotics. Neither of those are quite as precise as what Nemesis will have to offer, but they do sound like quite a lot of fun.