Ghost Recon Frontline – release date, closed beta, and more

Find out what happened to Ubisoft's free to play class-based battle royale game set in the Ghost Recon universe, Ghost Recon Frontline.

What is the Ghost Recon Frontline release date? Ubisoft’s plans for the next Ghost Recon game veered away from the series’ usual formula; rather than a four-player co-op game, this new entry was set to become a free-to-play battle royale.

Frontline was going to become a battle royale game with a similar setting to Call of Duty Warzone, placing 100 players on an island to fight it out for a grand prize. There was a closed beta period for Ghost Recon Frontline and detailed game modes, but they ultimately ended up being scrapped. Here’s everything we know about Ghost Recon Frontline’s development, including its theorized release date, game modes, and trailers.

Ghost Recon Frontline release date

Ghost Recon Frontline was officially canceled on July 21, 2022, along with Splinter Cell VR and two unannounced titles. 

Frostline was announced by Ubisoft on October 5, 2021. In less than a year, the publisher made the decision to end the game’s development entirely.

Ghost recon closed beta test

Ubisoft originally planned to hold a Ghost Recon Frontline closed beta test in October 2021, but it made the decision to postpone the test shortly after its announcement.

A closed beta was eventually held on January 28 – 30 2022. The initial response to the beta was negative – this may have prompted Ubisoft to rethink its development plans.

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Ghost Recon Frontline game modes

Two game modes would have been available at launch. In the primary mode, Expedition, 100 players compete in teams of three to find and extract intel. Matches take place on an island called Drakemoor following an environmental disaster. You can steal your rival team’s intel and extraction helicopter to scupper their chances of making it off the island alive.

The island itself features four biomes and 20 points of interest for players to explore and infiltrate. In order to win the game, you need to collect three pieces of intel and then call for your extraction helicopter, which alerts other teams to your whereabouts, provoking players to stop you from leaving successfully.

The second game mode is called Control, a 9v9 domination-style PvP mode that provides a faster pace for players. Ghost Recon Frontline was also planned to feature seasonal content, adding more classes from the existing pool of contractors, as well as new game modes.

Ghost Recon Frontline trailer

The Ghost Recon Frontline reveal trailer shows us parts of Drakemoor – murky streams, a dense forest, and points of interest like a fairground and abandoned building site. It has all the Ghost Recon trademarks with drones, turrets, and stealthy gameplay, as teams make their way to various intel locations across.

Brandishing camouflaged weapons, the combat is relatively subdued until an extraction helicopter is called in and a gunfight ensues.

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Ghost Recon Frontline classes

Players could choose a contractor from a procedurally generated pool of soldiers from different military backgrounds, national origins, looks, and skillsets. Each class has its own specialization and development path, so you can create loadouts that complement your team composition. The Ghost Recon Frontline classes that would’ve been available at launch include assault, support, and scout.

That’s everything we know about Ghost Recon Frontline. Frontline wanted to rival Warzone as one of the best battle royale games by bringing a different formula to the genre, but, as we all know, that never had the chance to happen.