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Morrowind gets new maps and quests as Elder Scrolls mod renews Tamriel

Morrowind, the Bethesda RPG game and ancestor of Skyrim and Oblivion, gets new maps and 200 refreshed quests as an Elder Scrolls mod rebuilds Tamriel

Morrowind gets new maps and quests as Elder Scrolls mod renews Tamriel: A soldier in shining red armour from Bethesda RPG Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Morrowind, the classic Bethesda RPG game and predecessor to Skyrim and Oblivion, has been given two new maps and 200 refreshed and overhauled quests as a sweeping Elder Scrolls mod project rebuilds Tamriel, providing ample distraction before the Elder Scrolls 6 release date.

Tamriel Rebuilt is a hugely ambitious Morrowind mod that aims to restore areas of the game’s mainland while adding and changing quests from the original game, in order to revitalise it for the modern area. In a recent update, available now, two major expansions are added to the overall Tamriel Rebuilt suite. Dominions of Dust restores the borderlands region to Vvardenfell’s southwest, including the city of Andothren. Embers of Empire remakes Telvanni, encompassing the Imperial settlements of Firewatch and Helnim.

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“When Bethesda Softworks started designing the game towards the end of the 1990s, the original intent was to create a Daggerfall-style game that covered the entire Morrowind Province and focused on open, dynamic warfare against the encroaching Bligh,” the Tamriel Rebuilt development team explains. “As it turned out, this was too large a task and the scope was reduced to Morrowind’s central volcanic island, Vvardenfell, with a quieter, more personal storyline. Tamriel Rebuilt seeks to develop and add the entire mainland to TES III: Morrowind.”

The two new expansions bring the total landmass created by Tamriel Rebuilt to roughly three times the size of Bloodmoon, the official Morrowind expansion released in 2003. In total, 200 quests have either been added or overhauled, which the development team says brings “Tamriel Rebuilt to parity with the vanilla game and expansions”. It’s a gigantic project, which you can download now, alongside comprehensive installation instructions.

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