Houses of Morrowind expansion for Elder Scrolls: Legends is out now

elder scrolls legends houses of morrowind

Update, April 8: The Elder Scrolls: Legends Houses of Morrowind expansion is out now, and there’s a brand new launch trailer out to celebrate.

The trailer doesn’t really provide any new information about the game, but instead puts some Elder Scrolls creatures into familiar locations. There’s a guar down by the docks! Mudcrabs in the subway! There’s also the reference to Houses of Morrowind’s new three-attribute decks, which will make for interesting new possibilities in the online CCG.

If you want to get going with the Houses of Morrowind cards right away, you can pick up a starter pack in the in-game store for £3.99.

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Original story, March 16:Morrowindis cool. Not just the third Elder Scrolls game – though it’s a classic – but rather the setting itself. Maybe that’s why Bethesda are so intent on revisiting it, from the adjacent isle of Solstheim in Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC to the first full expansion for Elder Scrolls Online and more recent additions like theClockwork City. Now it’s time for The Elder Scrolls: Legends to journey to the home of the Dunmer, with a massive new expansion focused there.

Houses of Morrowind will add 149 new cards to Legends when it launches on March 29, focusing on the great houses, familiar creatures, and even the living gods themselves. The biggest new addition is a number of cards that allow you to build three-attribute decks. You’ll also be able to build decks of up to 100 cards, helping to account for the new level of complexity.

Three-attribute decks are built around special cards that have specific combinations of attributes. Dropping the STR/INT/AGI card Dagoth Ur into your deck, for example, lets you build it around those attributes. Each combination represents one of Morrowind’s great houses, for Vvardenfell-appropriate flavor, each with their own special mechanic.

  • House Redoran (STR/WIL/END)
    • Rally activates during an attack, giving a random creature in your hand +1/+1
  • House Telvanni (INT/AGI/END)
    • Betray allows you to sacrifice a creature to do an action twice in a row.
  • House Hlaalu (STR/WIL/AGI)
    • Plot abilities will trigger if you’ve played another card in the turn.
  • Tribunal Temple (INT/WIL/END)
    • Exalt offers bonuses if you pay more magicka for a creature.
  • House Dagoth (STR/INT/AGI)
    • Dagoth cards simply offer rewards for having creatures with 5 or more power.

You can see details on the first handful of cards over at the official site.