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Massive Morrowind mod for Skyrim has a new trailer out

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Beyond Skyrim is a massive modding effort that aims to eventually recreate all of Tamriel within Skyrim, and they’ve released a teaser trailer that shows off their work on recreating Morrowind.

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To be clear, this particular modding effort is recreating the Elder Scrolls’ world as it would be during the events of Skyrim, which is set in the Fourth Era and two centuries after Morrowind (the game).

So while Morrowind players will certainly recognize some of the places that appear in the trailer, things have changed quite a bit since that adventure - most notably the “Red Year,” when the floating meteor Baar Dau falls into Vivec City and causes a volcanic eruption from Red Mountain.

As the camera pans over mushroom forests choked with ash, the narrator tells of how the catastrophe nearly destroyed one of Tamriel’s greatest civilizations.

“But in spite of all that,” he says, “we are still here.”

It’s an impressive trailer, and a monumental project which has no end date set. In fact, they’re still recruiting volunteers to help with everything from level design to voice acting. You can sign up here.

The team has already released their Bruma addition, and that’s available over at Nexus Mods.

Thanks to PC Gamer for the heads up.

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QDP2 avatar
QDP2 Avatar
3 Months ago

5 years since Skywind was announced... Wow time sure flies fast. Another promising show turns up, and there's no hiding the world looks prettier than I remember, so my hats off to the current artists.

I feel like this game has become a myth to most. So much nostalgia is pinned to this classic, I find it hard to believe any mod collaboration will ever be satisfied to call their project complete.

Skywind has gone silent from public announcements but their Discord channel is still overflowing with daily work, and Morrowind Rebirth got a new large update just 2 days ago. The love so many hold for TES3 will probably only be met if Bethesda decide to remaster it themselves.