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The new ESO Gold Road stuff Zenimax Online Studios wants you to see

The new chapter for Elder Scrolls Online just landed and we got to talk with the developer about what new stuff you should be excited about.

The new ESO Gold Road stuff Zenimax Online Studios wants you to see: A khajiit from ESO looks at you while wearing a very jaunty hat.

Every new chapter for ESO adds a big slice of new stuff to the game. You can expect new lands, enemies, mechanics, plotlines, and player houses pop up after each expansion launch. Gold Road is no exception and now it’s out players will be in a rush to experience everything it has to offer. Even with a ton of new things to see and do, there’ll always be a couple elements that are particularly worthy of attention and appreciation.

In Necrom it was the plot and the zones, in High Isle it was Tales of Tribute and the vistas. Every expansion has brought a few things that make you sit up and pay attention, and Gold Road is set to be the same. I got to sit down with narrative director Bill Slavicsek and loremaster Michael Zenke from Zenimax Online Studios to ask them what we can expect in this new ESO chapter, and what to look forward to most in the MMORPG expansion.

“I’m really excited about what people are going to think about scribing,” Zenke enthuses to me. “There’s a lot of really fun characters in the scribing content. And of course scribing as a concept is a very strange, weird, fun, esoteric, new narrative and lore element. I’m super excited to see what people think about all the hard work we did on that stuff.”

If you’re not aware, scribing is a new system which allows players to tweak and alter their abilities in new and unexpected ways. In addition to the mechanic itself, there’s a series of quests players can run through with new characters to unlock options and understand scribing in the wider context of the ESO universe.

“I think there’s a lot of great moments and characters in Gold Road that I think the fans are gonna have a lot of fun finding and interacting with,” Slavicsek says. “But to me I think the big thing I want people to do is get into that main story and get to know Ithelia. Find out who they think is right between her and Hermaeus Mora. I’d be interested to see how they feel when they get to the end of the story and what they did with that story.”

One of the things that separates ESO from some of the other MMOs out there is how it integrates plot, story, and narrative elements into the fabric of the world. As Gold Road follows up in the story laid down in Necrom, it feels like a culmination of a couple years of storytelling. If previous chapters are anything to go by there’ll definitely be a few twists along the way.

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ESO Gold Road is out now on PC and you can check out more information over on the official site.

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