Explore Skyrim for the thousandth time in The Elder Scrolls Online soon

The Elder Scrolls Online gets a new adventure next year - where players will "explore the dark heart of Skyrim"

Ever heard of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? You know, that RPG from 2011 packed with dragons, draugr, and the Dovahkiin that did quite well? Yeah, that one. Well, the land of Skyrim is headed to ZeniMax’s The Elder Scrolls Online. That’s according to a little tease included in a wrap-up trailer for the game’s Season of the Dragon shown at The Game Awards last night.

At the end of the The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr cinematic trailer unveiled at the awards show, which closes out the MMORPG game’s first “year-long interconnected adventure,” an armour-clad character can be seen looking over a familiar snowy and mountainous landscape. It then reads: “Explore the dark heart of Skyrim,” with a global reveal event set for January 16, 2020 on publisher Bethesda Softworks’ Twitch channel.

It doesn’t look like you can quite see High Hrothgar from where the hero’s standing, but there’s no doubt he’s contemplating the (not-so) temperate climes of Tamriel’s northernmost region – and surely plenty of adventures to come.

Check the trailer out below:

YouTube Thumbnail

There’s no detail yet on what exploring the “dark heart” of Skyrim might involve, but the trailer sets the scene for The Elder Scrolls Online’s next year-long adventure.

Be sure to tune into The Elder Scrolls Online Global reveal here at 14:00 pm PST / 22:00 GMT on January 16, 2020 to find out more, and usher in a return to Skyrim.