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60-hour Skyrim mod ten years in the making finally has a launch window

There are countless quality Skyrim mods that have been released over the years, but an upcoming one might be the most expansive yet.


Skyrim mods have been incredibly popular since the game originally launched way back in 2011. Since its release on the fated date of 11.11.11, countless dedicated fans have poured their sweat and tears into creating mods for the beloved Bethesda RPG that introduce anything and everything you could imagine into the magical realm of Tamriel. Now, an upcoming mod for Skyrim might be the best offering for true diehard fans of the game looking for more high-quality content.

The unreleased expansion looks set to sit among the best Skyrim mods, seeking to introduce an unbelievable amount of new content into Bethesda’s RPG. Taking place in the newly crafted region of Druadach, the expansion-sized mod claims to add over 60 hours of content to Skryim. During this time, players will play through over 40 different quests, and discover over 50 dungeons to explore.

The mod also looks to add some truly unique additions like brand new voice dialogue for NPC characters, new types of weapons, armor, and spells, and the introduction of the largest storyline quest in the entirety of the game.

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The project was first announced in 2014 and has only released a slow trickle of information over the years. The first trailer for Lordbound was released in 2016, sharing just a small glimpse of what was to come. According to the project’s moddb page, there have been multiple stops and starts throughout the lifespan of the project, but according to their most recent blog post in 2023, the project is very much alive.

Kiria, one of the developers of the mod, gave a hint at the game’s release window and said, “I can say with a medium-high amount of confidence that we’re targeting a late 2024 release date.”

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