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A game-breaking protest mod is today’s most popular item on the Skyrim Steam Workshop

Skyrim No more imperials mod

Amid the threats, ASCII middle fingers and copy and pasted complaints, someone’s taken their protest of Valve’s decision to allow modders to make money from their creations on the Steam Workshop to a whole new level. 

They made a protest mod. 

Created by users Fuck Valve (subtle) and Cuscino, the No more imperials mod does what it says on the tin: it removes all Imperials from Skyrim.

Here’s the description from the Workshop page: “This mod removes every imperial from the game, effectively breaking the game, just like how valve broke the modding community.”

Angry, petty, reactive and a little bit funny – the mod manages to boil down internet rage to its most important components.

The mod is the most popular item on the Skyrim Workshop today, and the second mod popular item this week. A mod’s popularity isn’t based on how many people have downloaded it, though. No more imperials has 311 subscribers, which isn’t very much. But it’s got even more favourites and has a five star rating based on 1250 ratings. While you can’t rate a paid mod without owning it, you can still rate a free mod that you’ve never used.

So there you go, a protest mod. It’s a real thing and the world is bonkers.

Elsewhere, this was for sale.

It has since vanished, however.