Skyrim mod finally lets the Dragonborn talk, with 7,000 spoken lines

A new Skyrim mod gives a full voice to the Bethesda RPG game’s Dragonborn just like Fallout 4, so you can say more to the folk of Tamriel than just ‘fu ro dah.’

Skyrim mod finally lets the Dragonborn talk, with 7,000 spoken lines: A warrior in a horned helmet, the Dragonborn from Skyrim, screams towards the sky

The list of big, ambitious Skyrim mods is incredibly long, with the Bethesda RPG game still inspiring creativity from its players 12 years since after release. Nevertheless, aside from screaming ‘fus ro dah’ in their faces, until now, the heroic Dragonborn has been unable to fully talk to the residents of Tamriel. But that’s all changed. If you want your hero in Skyrim to act more like the Sole Survivor from Fallout 4, and hear their dulcet tones as they roam the world of The Elder Scrolls, a new Skyrim mod finally lends a full voice to your custom character.

Aptly titled ‘Dragonborn Voice Over,’ the mod uses AI to generate spoken dialogue for each conversation in Skyrim. Creator ‘Mathiew May’ speculates there are around 7,000 lines ‘performed’ by the AI. It’s very convincing, too. A few lines might feel a little stilted, but generally, Dragonborn Voice Over makes the world of Skyrim feel more real and alive than ever before.

Giving the character a voice was definitely a welcome change in Fallout 4, lending your protagonist – and the game’s story – a bit more weight and plausibility. A perfect excuse to return to Skyrim, you can Dragonborn Voice Over see it in action below.

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At the moment, there are voice packs available for male and female human characters, with Mathiew May planning additional packs to cover Argonian, Orc, and Khajiit Dragonborns. However, as reported by DSO Gaming, it only works in English. If you play Skyrim in any other language, unfortunately there are no voice packs currently available. You can download Dragonborn Voice Over here.

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