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Skyrim mod lets you take Lydia ice skating in Bethesda RPG

A new Skyrim mod adds stylish figure skating to the Elder Scrolls, Bethesda RPG, meaning you and followers like Lydia can dance, spin, and leap together

Skyrim mod adds lets you take Lydia ice skating in Bethesda RPG: Two people ice skating in a wintry fantasy world

Skyrim mods are a unique art form unto themselves, transforming the Elder Scrolls, Bethesda RPG game from a sweeping fantasy adventure into – basically – anything you might like, and now, as winter approaches, you can finally live out your Olympic dreams by going figure skating with your followers, from Lydia to Gregor.

Simply titled Figure Skating in Skyrim, the new mod is described by its creator James Halliday as “my crowning achievement.” First up, it adds new crafting recipes for ice skates and suitable, flashy rink wear. These are customised and varied so they can fit humans, elves Khajiit, and Argonians. Secondly, there are new, flat areas on the world map, all of them around the Sea of Ghosts; “for your convenience,” explains Halliday, “they are located northwest of the Solitude lighthouse, straight north of the Dawnstar Sanctuary, and due north of the island off the coast of the College of Winterhold.”

When you find one of the new ice rinks, equip your skates, head out into the centre, and equip another item added into the mod named “Sk8”. Hey presto, your personal Dragonborn will start spiralling, double-axeling, and death dropping like a born natural.

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And if you want to try out doubles skating, all you need to do is grab a follower, use an NPC outfit customiser mod to put the skates on them as well, and then, again, head into the centre of the ice. Use the “waltz” option in the middle of the rink (you can also download this separately) and then sit back as you and your preferred companion or beau make magical, musical movement together. You can find the whole mod, as well as links to everything you will need and full instructions, over on Nexus Mods.

It’s the ideal way to get wintry in Skyrim, especially paired with some of the other best Skyrim mods. You might also want to check out everything we know about the Elder Scrolls 6 release date, or maybe some other games like Skyrim if you’re ready to leave the world of the Dragonborn behind for a while.