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Happy Skyrim day! Fans are celebrating with Sea of Thieves tunes and Doom-style Dragonborn

Skyrim fans are celebrating the iconic RPG's tenth birthday in lots of impressive and creative ways

Skyrim fans, rejoice! It’s the iconic fantasy game’s tenth anniversary today and there’s a very big, official celebration of this with the launch of its Anniversary Edition, as well as a fan celebration and concert streaming later today. Fans are showing their love for the behemoth RPG in their own ways, too – and we decided to round up some of the ones that caught our eye in honour of Skyrim’s birthday.

First up, Redditor HarryOsbornArt has shared the full range of 12 artworks they’ve created to celebrate the game’s decade out in the wild, each of which centres on one of the many distinctive helmets found in the game. You can check these out via the embed below – and, as the Bethesda ANZ Twitter account recently posted, they do indeed look incredible.

Starting with the classic Dragonborn helmet seen across the game’s trailers and marketing materials embedded in the snow – apt given the game’s set in Tamriel’s frostiest climes – there are plenty of other gorgeous artworks drawing on various armour themes. There’s the Eastmarch guards’ kit, gleaming golden Dwarven armour, and (my absolute favourite) Nordic Carved armour.

Elsewhere, fans such as Twitter user Eobrah have been showing their love for Skyrim in other games, like Sea of Thieves. Check out the embed below to see them bringing the RPG game’s iconic theme tune (which is also technically the theme for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind) to Rare’s pirate-packed action-adventure game with a piano rendition.

Fans have also of course been diving into a Reddit AMA with the game’s director Todd Howard to ask him questions about the decade-old game. Nuggets of info revealed include the fact that, during development of Elder Scrolls spin-off Redguard “the lead programmer made all the buildings hop up and down after you played for ten minutes just to mess with me”, as well as the fact that the studio’s upcoming space game Starfield will “kind of” feature robot companions.

Then, there’s the Skyrim Anniversary ‘museum’ Bethesda’s opened up, for which fans are submitting their artwork, cosplay, and other creations inspired by the game. There are already some impressive recreations of Skyrim’s stalhrim armour, pictures of its dragons, and even some funny entries, like this one that reimagines the Dragonborn as Doomguy.

If you’re keen to catch more of the Anniversary celebrations, head to Bethesda’s YouTube channel here at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT today to tune into the live concert of Skyrim’s music, which will be performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices Choir.