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This Skyrim mod replaces dragons with the entire state of Ohio

The newest Skyrim mod replaces dragons with Ohio because of course it does, and the effect in the RPG is about as hilarious as you'd expect

Skyrim mod: The state of Ohio replaces a dragon and flies over a village

One of the newest Skyrim mods from prolific modder Trainwiz doesn’t try and create new stories for your companions or improve the state of your Tamriel marriage. No, it turns all the dragons in the RPG game, bar none, into the state of Ohio. Because why not. You can check it out on Twitter if you want to see the Ohio Draconus in action, devastating the landscape and inspiring fear in all.

Ohio’s certainly had a rough year. First it became the wartorn, plague-blighted land of Caelid during Elden Ring’s heyday earlier in 2022, when you couldn’t move for the number of memes on social media,  and now it’s being equated with scaly, murderous heralds of doom. I grant you, when Ohio is the land of rivers that turn orange and frequently catch on fire, it’s perhaps a bit understandable why some people look sideways at the state and use it as fuel for jokes about dragons and desolation.

However you may feel about Ohio, it’s almost impossible not to get a good laugh from seeing a giant Ohio shape fall out of the sky, breathe fire, rise back into the air, and flip horizontally to fly off – incredible scenes. I’m eternally grateful to Trainwiz for leaving the dragon audio intact as well because nothing’s better than hearing Ohio roar in all its majestic glory.

It’s certainly been a hit on NexusMods, where the mod’s been seen over 7,000 times in just a day and commenters joke about how terrifyingly accurate the mod is. One even asked whether Florida was next, and as someone who spent most of his life in Florida, I can safely say it would indeed be fitting.

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