Skyrim mod turns every NPC into the Dragonborn, and it’s chaos

This Skyrim mod makes every NPC in the game the Dragonborn, and while it makes you feel less special in the Bethesda RPG game, at least it makes it more chaotic

Skyrim mod makes every NPC the Dragonborn, and it's chaos

For me, it’s the dumber the Skyrim mod, the better. That’s not to say silly changes can’t completely overhaul the Bethesda RPG game and make it feel fresh – I love seeing what the community does to not only breathe new life into Tamriel, but also make Skyrim the dumbest game alive Luckily both of these boxes get ticked with this new mod, as it makes every single NPC in the game the Dragonborn.

That’s it, really. Called “Everyone is the Dragonborn” and developed by modder hesmick, this Skyrim mod simply gives all NPCs across the world the ability to shout Fus Ro Dah at the player, and it’s about as chaotic as you’d imagine.

More specifically, it gives all NPCs who can normally speak the ability to do Skyrim shouts, with the only real piece of advice being to stay away from cliffs. If you had any sort of lore questions about the mod (and why would you?), hesmick says “the Dragonborn is asleep” and that “he’s dreaming the whole thing.”

This is one of those Skyrim mods that’s so dumb it very quickly loops around to being genius. Sure, it has no long-term applications that benefit your newest Skyrim save, but it is funny. It may not be as game-changing as an entire DLC-sized voice-acted Skyrim mod, but it feels close at least.

hesmick even tagged it as “fair and balanced,” as some sort of sick joke, and I’m totally here for it. I assume it’s a reference to Syndrome in The Incredibles because when everyone is super, no one is.

If you fancy even more bonkers Skyrim mods based around shouting from hesmick, they’ve made mods that let you shout while falling and swimming, and another that replaces Unrelenting Force with Gordon Ramsay. Like when you combine two ingredients for unexpected yet amazing results, I’m sure giving all NPCs Unrelenting Force and making them all sound like Gordon Ramsay is a good idea.

You can find the Everyone is the Dragonborn mod and the rest of hesmick’s work over on Nexus Mods.

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