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Skyrim mod brings back terrifying bug patched out by Bethesda

A new Skyrim mod reintroduces the petrifying moving mannequins bug, after a recent patch to Bethesda's fantasy RPG removed the creepy community story from the g

Even after a decade one of the best RPG games still gets updates, and now a new Skyrim mod has decided to reverse one of these recent updates from Bethesda, which stopped in-game ‘manakins’ (as the community calls them) from creepily moving like Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels.

Like a spooky Tamriel cryptid, players have been documenting these moving mannequins for years and sharing stories of how the home objects appear to come to life by breathing and moving like an actual person.

There are plenty of horror stories online of players coming back to their cosy Skyrim homes only to find the mannequins moving around, and after over ten years it looks like Bethesda has decided to fix the fantasy game’s downright terrifying bug.

As shown by Twitter user K Rebel, a recent Skyrim patch from Bethesda changed the mannequins to be immobile, whilst removing abilities like swimming, walking, and using their heads to track animations.

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In the spirit of keeping the community story of moving mannequins alive, a new Skyrim mod called “manakins move” has been created to, well, do exactly what it says. Created by TheBlackCladWanderer, the mod ensures that the mannequins “should no longer not move”.

While this Skyrim mod is obviously doing incredible work, it appears as though the bug used to emerge in some player’s worlds due to mannequins actually being NPCs that are set up not to move, but the game not loading in the fact that they shouldn’t act like NPCs, meaning the wooden wanderers will just aimlessly act human for a brief period.

You can find the Skyrim manakins mod on Nexus Mods.

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