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Skyrim mod adds over 100 weather effects and revitalises the RPG game

A new Skyrim mod brings together and enhances a large number of mods that add better weather and visuals to the ageing Bethesda fantasy RPG game

Skyrim mod adds over 100 weather effects and revitalises the RPG game

Even after over a decade, the best Skyrim mods can completely overhaul the visuals and weather in the Bethesda RPG game. From upscaled textures to DLSS support, the opportunities to give the ageing open-world game a much deserved glow up keep on coming, and a brand new weather overhaul mod –  one that combines the work of many others and adds its own – does just that.

Called Patrician ENB and put together by marmotte, this colossal Skyrim weather mod acts as a fantasy game preset for the land of Tamriel. Built off the back of other works, the Skyrim mod adds over 100 “unique exterior and interior weathers that result in breathtaking visuals that are sure to delight.”

Characters, unique quests, and locations will also be impacted by the Skyrim mod for weather, which aims to make every day feel drastically different and full of colour on your journey. You can get an idea for what the world of Skyrim will look like via the mod in the below YouTube video from Maxx’d.

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As mentioned, Patrician ENB also combines a lot of other mods you’ll need to download for it to work, which combine together to create a truly new experience. There’s new weather, lighting, water, embers, sky meshes, mountain fogs, storm lightning, mist, and grass. By the looks of it, this mod combines and enhances the others to create the perfect Skyrim experience.

As outlined by marmotte, however, this Skyrim mod does need some serious dedication to get working. Nothing too complex by the looks of it, but there are a large number of required mods on top of Patrician ENB, and a fair few that they recommend be installed too.

That’s what this mod is though, a collection, as it aims to unite a series of other mods into one giant ENB (enhanced natural beauty) project to really revamp vanilla Skyrim into something that feels modern. I know saying ‘to make Skyrim feel modern’ sounds weird, but it’s over a decade old so the face lift is certainly welcome at this point, even if the Bethesda RPG doesn’t need it.

Anyway, Skyrim’s still here after all this time and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So much so that we’ve finally cracked what Skyrim in real life would be like and, surprise, it’s a horrible place to live. A former Skyrim developer is also making a horror hunting simulator, with a map set to be five times bigger than the RPG.