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Skyrim mod adds hours of quests in DLC overhaul for Bethesda RPG

A new Skyrim mod turns the Saints and Seducers creation club content into a more fleshed out DLC for the Bethesda RPG, and you can play it right now

What’ll likely become one of the best Skyrim mods has just had its first piece of content released, as a team of dedicated designers has completely overhauled the Saints and Sinners creation club content in the Bethesda RPG game to make it more fleshed out, with the project set to tackle the full open-world game next.

Originally released in 2019, Saints and Seducers is a piece of Skyrim creation club content that takes you back to Oblivion’s Shivering Isles and includes new side quests and a main quest, weapons and armour, a dungeon, and much more. Sadly the creation has no new voice-acted lines or friendly NPCs, which is where this Skyrim mod changes things.

The Extended Cut Skyrim mod team have expanded and ‘entirely replaced’ Saints and Seducers into a fully voiced quest with new NPCs and a “handcrafted new worldspace”. This revamped content turns the story into one that continues the Mind of Madness quest from the base game. There’s also a new area called the Asylum, which has been “handcrafted as a homage to the Oblivion Shivering Isles DLC,” with three new dungeons, two new shops, and plenty of secrets.

Check out the Saints and Seducers trailer below.

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The Skyrim mod also integrates other creation club content seamlessly into Saints and Seducers, which the team says was done so “with Extended Cut, Saints & Seducers is the DLC adventure that we’ve always believed it could be.”

This Skyrim mod offers between one and three hours of content, as it completely revamps the creation club expansion and aims to put it on par with the base game at the same time.

You can find the Extended Cut Saints and Seducers Skyrim mod over on Nexus Mods. I’m still blown away by the dedication of the Skyrim community, as even after 11 years a colossal overhaul project is in the works that’s had a preview Skyrim mod that turns a piece of creation club content into something on par with the main game. It’s shocking to the see the dedication, and yet here it is.

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