This Skyrim mod adds a ton of new horses, including a ghost stallion

The mod includes new breeds, behaviours, and more

Horsing around in Skyrim just got a lot more interesting with a mod that brings some much needed equestrian diversity to the fantasy RPG. The More Horses mod adds, among other things, new breeds, stables, foals, and herds, satisfying just about anyone’s need for greater horse-play in the game.

Published by Nyphani, the add-on seeks to improve on Skyrim’s bland horse-related content, fixing the lack of variable colours, herds, and baby horses. Additions include two herds, five foals, more than 20 saddles and barding types, over 30 skins, and two new horse types.

This isn’t just as simple as some new mares to capture and ride in the wild, either. Factions and NPCs will be given some new horses of their own. The entire behaviour of the animal has been modified – if you capture a horse that has a foal, the foal will follow, as will the herd if you grab a stallion. One ghost horse and one spectral horse will now be roaming the wild, too.

The work of several other modders is included in the mod, all brought together and optimised for one big stable package.

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Given that it’s just released, there’ll be some teething issues as bugs and errors are fixed. A top comment on Reddit is a fix for some particular issues. Still, neigh bad.