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This fan-made Skyrim pillow greets you with your demise each morning

One player has ported Skyrim to a pillow, in a manner of speaking


The opening scene of Skyrim is pretty iconic. You wake up to find yourself bundled into the back of a cart headed for Helgen – and your execution – alongside rebel leader Ulfric Stormcloak and fellow prisoner Ralof of Riverwood. Earlier this year, one fan even recreated it as a text-based RPG in dating app Tinder. Now, another fan has recreated it in another medium – as a pillow. Ready to greet you as you awaken.

Reddit user OoPeteroo has posted an image of a Skyrim-inspired pillow they got for their friend (included below), which shows Ralof sat in the cart and welcoming you back from dreamland with the first lines of the game (subtitled): “Hey, you. You’re finally awake.” It’s an unusual choice of first image to see upon waking, but a pretty awesome one.

And it looks like the community approves – at the time of writing the post’s got a staggering 26.7k upvotes on one thread and 8.3k on another. Users have been offering up some first-rate ideas for other Skyrim-themed goodies in appreciation, too. User Kempeth suggests in the comments bandages with “I used to be adventurer” on them, an “I am sworn to carry your burdens” car bumper sticker, and – best of all – a “never should have come here” doormat. Just the thing(s) for a truly Tamriel-ed day.

Check out the pillow below:

Inspired by a post I saw on here recently, I bought this pillow case for a friend! from r/ElderScrolls

If you’re tempted to port Skyrim to your boudoir similarly, sadly the user doesn’t provide any details on where to pick up the pillow, but it appears that they were inspired by an amusing Oblivion-themed pillow that you can check out here.

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