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Morrowind in Skyrim mod Skywind is looking horrifyingly good

Skywind, the upcoming Morrowind total conversion Skyrim mod, shows off a Corprus Stalker in this horrifing new Halloween teaser trailer.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Skywind - a corprus stalker in this Skyrim mod.

Skywind, a Morrowind total conversion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is coming along nicely. And horribly, too, if this Halloween trailer is anything to go by, diving into the living nightmare that is Morrowind’s Corprus disease.

Like a lot of the best fantasy game realms, The Elder Scrolls series’ Tamriel doesn’t have the greatest healthcare system, even with healing spells, potions, and all. Skyrim lets you become a werewolf or a vampire, but there are plenty of nastier conditions out there.

The latest trailer for Skywind, a total conversion for Skyrim, shows off one of those conditions, one which the infected are unlikely to recover from. Skywind is porting Morrowind, the third entry in The Elder Scrolls series, into Skyrim. And in doing that, it’s going to introduce players to Corprus.

Corprus is a disease that warps the flesh and the minds of the infected and, as seen in the trailer (thanks, PC Gamer) it’s never looked nastier. It’s a disease that blows in from Morrowind’s fenced-off Ashlands and can crop up anywhere.

The infected, if they’re not killed, are locked away in a sanctuary and left to die. And some go on to become stronger Corprus Stalkers, attacking anyone they encounter.

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The Corprusarium is a sanitorium for those afflicted by the so-called Divine Disease, under the care, supervision, and research of Master Divayth Fyr,” the trailer’s blurb explains. “Welcome to your new home. You can never leave.

Now I’ve cheered you up, the good news is it looks as if Skywind’s team are absolutely nailing everything that made Morrowind great. For example, as much as I love Skyrim (and Oblivion) I miss Morrowind’s diversity.

Take the houses, for example. Barring the DLC, most houses and regions in Skyrim seem a bit samey. In Morrowind you’d run into buildings that look like they were carved out of some giant insect’s carapace. The sooner I can experience that in Skyrim, the better.

However, Skywind won’t be dropping any time soon, as it’s still very much under development. This is a community effort and so it’s worked on when people can put in the time.

You can find out more about this project over on the official Skywind site. In the meantime, here are the best 100 Skyrim mods you can play right now. Or if you’re looking to meddle with the game’s inner workings, here are all Skyrim console commands to do just that with ease.