Skyrim mod makes spells and magic X-rated in Bethesda RPG

Skyrim mods are not always wholesome, but this new community creation goes a step beyond by making spells and magic in the Bethesda RPG strictly adult-only

Skyrim mod makes spells and magic X-rated in Bethesda RPG: a mage from Skyrim casts a fire spell

Skyrim mods can have a variety of grim effects on the Bethesda RPG, but over ten years since the game’s launch, and ahead of the Fallout creator’s next project Starfield, this new Skyrim community creation takes The Elder Scrolls a step further by turning spells and magic into x-rated schlock.

The problem with Skyrim spells is that they all tend to have the same visual effect – whether it’s electricity, fire, freezing, or poison, the majority of your victims will just unceremoniously ragdoll to the ground, without much by way of spectacle. The aptly named Maximum Destruction attempts to transform this, giving each category of spell its own extremely gory brand of death throe. “Maximum Destruction adds magical gore effects to Skyrim,” says creator D-Won. “It allows you to pass down a gruesome elemental death to your opponents. You can burn them to a crisp, freeze them solid, send shocks down their spines, or even watch as your poison slowly drains the life out of them.”

Maximum Destruction works on a wide range of Skyrim’s enemies, including Spriggans, Draugr, Giants, all “humanoid” enemies, and Trolls. Different spell proficiencies also produce different animations. Cast a shock spell as a novice, for example, and you’ll kill your opponent with a swift electric shock. Advance to become an expert or a master, and you’ll make their heart and their head explode. Most notable is the effect of poison spells on humans and humanoids, who will become ill and – according to the mod notes – “puke vomit”. Lovely.

Maximum Destruction is available to download now from Nexus Mods. You might also want to take a look at some of the other best Skyrim mods, as well as the best RPGs on PC, and everything we know about Bethesda’s next major game and the hallowed Starfield release date, which we’re naturally hoping will be sooner rather than later.