Immerse yourself in The Evil Within 2's nightmare with this hidden first-person mode

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By most accounts (including that of PCGamesN's own Kirk McKeand), The Evil Within 2 is one of the best survival horror games in recent years. A mix of Silent Hill-esque psycho-horror and semi-open exploration and Resident Evil 4 style combat and resource management.

One thing nobody was talking about until today is the first-person mode, sneakily hidden away in the PC version. While not an official playmode, I can't help but think the only reason it wasn't included as a standard option was console parity, because from the footage above, it looks great, and more full-featured than anyone expected.

If you already have The Evil Within 2, you probably won't need any of these great zombie-filled games... but it can't hurt to stock up.

Normally when you talk about unofficial first-person modes in third-person games, they tend to be glitchy, wobbly messes. Attaching a camera to the protagonist's head in a 3D space is a recipe for motion sickness, and interactions which require a character's arms and legs tend to seem awkward.

There's none of those problems on show here, with the camera smartly shifting to third-person view where appropriate, and bringing the protagonist's hands into focus when sneaking along walls or leaning around corners.

To use this mode, you'll first need to enable the developer console mode. Assuing that you're playing via Steam, right click on The Evil Within 2 in your library once it's installed, select Properties, then Set Launch Options. Into that box, enter +com_allowconsole 1 and launch the game as normal. Once in-game, pop open the developer console with the Insert key.

Now all you need to do is type pl_FPS 1 and you're done. If all went to plan, you should be getting a much closer, more intense look at the nightmarish world of STEM. Have fun!

Credit goes to DSOGaming for detailing how to access the first-person mode, and YouTuber SkacikPL for capturing the footage above.

The Evil Within 2 is out on Steam now for £40/$60.

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Shadowized Avatar
2 Months ago

I would of probably liked it in first person, to me the camera felt a bit too close in its default mode so I just deleted it.