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Does The Finals have crossplay?

We have the answer to whether The Finals has crossplay functionality so you’ll know if you can partner up with your console brethren.

Does The Finals have crossplay? The audience is excited, the arena is prepped, and the only thing left is for you to gather your teammates and compete for glory. The Finals is a competitive FPS game that will see you and your friends destroy the environment, and your opponents, as you aim to to be crowned champion of the new gameshow.

Competing in The Finals requires more than true aim and crisp movement, the FPS game combines environmental destruction and objective-based gameplay to add a strategic element to your gunfights. Teamwork is key, so is there crossplay so you can play with your console friends?

The Finals crossplay: a person wearing a mash, and tactical military gear thands in front of a yellow wall.

Does The Finals have crossplay?

The Finals has crossplay functionality between PC and current-gen consoles – this means that anyone on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series platforms can play with, and against, each other. So, gather your most skillful friends across the platforms and fight to be crowned champion.

Now that you know if The Finals has crossplay, you can prepare your best squad, and fight your way to fortune and fame in the arena. Check out The Finals system requirements so you know if you can handle the free PC game. We also have a list of the best battle royale games here so you can perfect your team comms if they’re a little rusty.