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Is The Finals Steam Deck compatible?

There's no sign of The Finals getting out-of-box Steam Deck compatibility soon, but it can be played on the handheld with some tweaks.

A character from The Finals, wearing a golden mask, displayed on a Steam Deck OLED

Is The Finals Steam Deck compatible? Getting The Finals running on the Steam Deck is possible, but don’t expect to jump right into the free-to-play FPS without any hassle. If you’re willing to put in the work to get Windows on your handheld, though, you’ll be set.

In order to play The Finals on the go, you’ll need the best microSD card you have to hand slotted inside your Steam Deck. That said, it’s worth having a separate card specifically for Windows shenanigans, as you won’t be able to use the same one to expand SteamOS storage.

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Is The Finals Steam Deck compatible?

No, The Finals isn’t Steam Deck compatible. In its current state, you’re unable to actually start the game due to what appears to be incompatibilities with its anti-cheat solution.

The only way to play The Finals on Steam Deck, for now, is to run it through Windows. This can be done by installing the operating system to a microSD card, but don’t forget to have the drivers handy too.

The Finals should hopefully be playable on Steam Deck in the future, following changes to the game’s anti-cheat measures. How soon developer Embark Studios will act to make this a reality, however, remains unknown.

In lieu of Steam Deck compatibility, make sure your PC is capable of running the game by checking our guide on The Finals system requirements. If you’re already confident in that respect, make sure you’re arming yourself with The Finals settings for max fps and performance, according to our testing.