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Swery wants you to choose between puppies and kittens in The Good Life

the good life dog version

Finally, Swery has come to his senses. The director of Deadly Premonition and D4 has been hard at work on an RPG about a town where the residents turn into cats at night. Now, I know what you’ve been thinking all this time. “Cats are cute and all,” you say, “but why is Swery ignoring the clearly superior animal?” There’s good news, friends. Dogs are coming to The Good Life.

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There’s now an alternate version of the game where the townsfolk of Rainy Woods turn into dogs at night. You also get puppy transformation powers, allowing you to dig holes and follow scents, which seem like the ideal set of abilities for a murder mystery. What can you do in the cat version? Climb and slip into small spaces. That’s okay too, but we all know who the winners are here.

Let’s be honest here, though – good people like both puppies and kittens. Sadly, Swery is making you choose. The Good Life “Dog” and the The Good Life “Cat” are separate purchases, though you can visit a friend’s town online and see what you’re missing. Oh, also, there’s online multiplayer.

The Good Life is currently seeking money on Fig, and the funding prospects aren’t looking great at the moment. The campaign has achieved only 18% of its $1.5 million goal and is already halfway to the end date. Hopefully these good boys can give the necessary push to get the game underway.