Watch the trailer for SWERY’s cat person murder mystery game The Good Life

The Good Life Logo SWERY

In the UK, we have this show called Midsomer Murders. It’s a weird aspect of British culture – the fictional county of Midsomer is a gorgeous countryside area where people like to murder each other. Upcoming RPG The Good Life is sort of that – set in a rural English village, a young girl has been murdered, and you’ve got to find out what happened. There’s a catch: everyone is a cat. 

Watch the trailer above for a bit more context, I guess.

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Ok, so, now that we’re on the same page and have both seen the new trailer above: that’s a hell of a concept, isn’t it? It is also entirely unsurprising that SWERY, designer and writer for Deadly Premonition, is the mind behind this one.

The tone is wild here, contrasting the murder – in a clearly Ophelia-styled pose – of a young girl with what almost seems like a cat dating sim once everyone transforms. I have no idea what to think.

This is the first trailer since the game was revealed just a week ago. In case you want to support the game with investments or backing, a Fig campain will launch in 11 days. Presumably, this is the start of promotions and advertising before that campaign goes live.