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You can now play The Last of Us using the face of Pedro Pascal

The Last of Us PC is struggling on Steam, but the Naughty Dog horror game has a new lease of life thanks to Mandalorian and TLOU HBO meme machine Pedro Pascal.

You can now play The Last of Us with the face of Pedro Pascal : A man with a grey beard, Joel from The Last of Us, bit with the face of Pedro Pascal

While The Last of Us PC is facing a rough time on Steam, thanks to shader loading times, booting errors, and an official ‘unsupported’ label for Valve’s Steam Deck, the Naughty Dog horror game finally has a new hero in the form of Mandalorian and TLOU HBO star Pedro Pascal, as the man who launched a thousand memes replaces the bearded, greying face of the original Joel via a new The Last of Us mod.

We’ve already seen how you can play The Last of Us without a graphics card, but if the technical hiccups in Naughty Dog’s PC port are still getting you down, perhaps injecting a little Pascal will prove the right remedy.

Created by ‘Speclizer,’ in collaboration with the modding team at Alpha Studios, the mod takes an extremely detailed capture of Pedro Pascal’s (rather handsome) face and applies it to Joel. Want to create a kind of slightly bizarre fan fiction hybrid of the game and the show? Now you can.

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Sometimes it looks a little unusual – a bit uncanny valley. Other times, however, Pedro’s face fits perfectly well with the rest of the game. It takes some getting used to, and there are certainly a few cutscenes where things seem to slip out of sync, but largely, if you’re a big Pascal fanatic, this is a solid way to play as your dream guy. You can get the Pedro Pascal Last of Us mod here.

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