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Return to Moria resources and how to farm them

If you're looking for more iron ore, silver, or other materials in The Lord of the Rings Return to Moria, here's where to find them and how to farm them.

Return to Moria resource farming: a dwarf stands bathed in sunlight

How do you farm resources in Return to Moria? The crafting game set in the Lord of the Rings universe sees you head on a quest to Moria, with a spring in your step, probably singing a song if our dwarves are setting trends around here. With that comes a need for a lot of resources of varying types – but how do you find them all?

We’ve got all you need to know on finding and farming resources in The Lord of the Rings Return to Moria. Before you get to that stage, you might be wondering if the Return to Moria personality you choose will affect your playthrough, or how to increase your Return to Moria inventory space to carry all of those resources.

A dwarf farms silver - one of the most valuable Return to Moria resources

Where to find resources in Return to Moria

You can find most gemstones and resources in Return to Moria by mining at ore sites or destroying buildings.

There are some exceptions to this, and we’ve covered the ones you’ll find the most useful to know as you progress through Moria.


Wood can be found either laying around on the ground, or can be harvested from swinging your axe around, hitting trees or wooden structures. If you’re lucky, you’ll stumble across an almost pre-built base with a huge stock of wood.


Stone can be mined from the huge destructible walls that separate many areas of the early game. Stone can also be farmed by simply knocking down buildings or walls made of it.


Coal can be farmed at ore spots, simply mine the rock and dirt around the ore to obtain coal. It doesn’t drop from every swing of your pick, but you’ll soon find yourself laden with coal with a little persistence.


Head to the Lower Deeps, and you’ll soon begin to spot shiny silver nodes among the brown rock. You’ll need to head through the Crystal Causeway to reach this area, and take the highest grade pick you can craft with you.


Sapphires can sometimes drop from random rocks in the world, but it’s rare. The best location to farm them is the Precious Gems nodes that are located. The best way to find them is to check near Orc camps, or head to the Deep Down and explore cracks. Your dwarf might exclaim that there’s a “good ore” nearby. If you’re exploring the Deep Down, you’ll take damage from corruption so be sure to take health items along with you.

Ubasam Wood

Ubasam Wood can be found in the Lower Deeps area. You’ll spot mushrooms in the upper levels, but this is actually the Ubasam Wood. When you reach the deeper levels of the Lower Deeps, you’ll find trees full of Ubasam Wood.

Ihraz Granite

You can find Ihraz Granite in the Lower Deeps in most ore deposits. Find a silver or bronze ore, and the material around it will be harvested as Ihraz Granite.


Resin is a resource needed to craft specific recipes for your base. Head to the Lower Deeps and mine rocks until you find a deep-orange cluster of resin, usually towards the center. This is your resin.

Now that you know where to look for the most sought after resources, you can continue your adventures to Moria. If you’re stuck in the earlier stages of the game, we’ve got all you need to know on how to fix the Great Forge of Narvi, and we’ve figured out the differences between the Return to Moria personalities – they don’t just do nothing!