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Lords of the Fallen publisher “well positioned” for new survival game

Lords of the Fallen publisher CI Games reveals that the soulslike has helped it be well poisitioned for two upcoming games, including a survival one.

Lords of the Fallen CI Games releases: a man with a big sword fighting two swamp creatures

Lords of the Fallen publisher CI Games says that it is “well positioned” for two games in the pipeline, after the release of the soulslike reboot last week. We can also expect key data regarding sales for Lords of the Fallen soon too, but we already know it’s been more of a success than the 2014 original.

While we await sales numbers, Lords of the Fallen has already eclipsed the previous game on Steam, with the debut of the reboot attracting five times the players of the 2014 game of the same name. With games like Dark Souls exploding in popularity over the last decade, it’s not a massive surprise, but now publisher CI Games says it’s in a good position for future projects too.

“We are pleased to confirm, following the release of Lords of the Fallen, that CI Games is well positioned for the future games in our development pipeline (Project Survive and action-RPG Project III), CI Games CEO Marek Tyminski says.

“We will announce the key data for Lords of the Fallen in the coming days (sales and capex).”

Lords of the Fallen CI Games releases: a tweet on a background

As of right now, the two major series owned by CI Games are Sniper Ghost Warrior and Lords of the Fallen, with Project Survive aiming to be the third. CI Games wants to enter the survival genre with the game, using Unreal Engine 5 to do so. It’s unclear exactly what action-RPG Project III is at this point, but I’d wager it’s not dissimilar to Lords of the Fallen in some key ways.

This all comes off the back of a largely positive reception to LOTF. In my own Lords of the Fallen review I noted how the completely new ideas from developer Hexworks are superb, while the imitations of Dark Souls and some performance issues hold the game back. That said, Lords of the Fallen Steam reviews are mixed due to the game’s performance issues, despite CI Games and Hexworks currently working to fix them and releasing updates.

When asked about stability Tyminski also says that Lords of the Fallen is “already much more stable thanks to rapid patches, Hexworks and our partners keep working constantly.”

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