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Lords of the Fallen performance issues lead to “mixed” Steam reviews

Hexworks just released its highly anticipated soulslike RPG Lords of the Fallen, but Steam reviews are already mixed due to performance issues.

Lords of the Fallen Steam reviews: A bearded man wearing a furry hood grimaces, his eyes concealed by his cloak

Lords of the Fallen has just released into the thrilling wild that is the soulslike genre, with many fans chomping at the bit to finally hop in. Now that the highly anticipated Dark Souls-esque game is here though, a lot of players are reporting issues with the game’s performance. This has left many excited fans unable to access much of the game, or even any of it in some cases. With people struggling to get into Lords of the Fallen, Steam reviews are mixed.

With over 2,000 reviews, Lords of the Fallen currently sits on Steam with an overall rating of 6/10. The RPG game‘s rating has more to it than meets the eye, though. Its mixed reviews are due largely to performance issues rather than how the game plays itself. While there are of course some negative reviews discussing co-op play and other such features, a majority reference game-breaking crashes and other such problems.

As further detailed in our Lords of the Fallen review, the gameplay itself is quite fun. It offers a challenging yet fair experience amid a grim setting reminiscent of Dark Souls’ own. While there are certainly flaws sprinkled within its dark world, they don’t seem to be the root cause for the influx of negative reviews on Steam. Instead, almost all of the recent feedback refers to performance issues.

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Players cite crashes, controller dysfunction, framerate instability, and other such problems preventing them from getting to actually play Lords of the Fallen. On the other hand, the positive reviews seem to come from fans who haven’t had these issues themselves, referencing the gameplay they find enjoyable instead. As the developer resolves bugs and fans experience Lords of the Fall as intended, its overall rating may very well improve.

Hexworks has been responding to reviews regarding buggy performance with suggestions. The dev asks players with a poor framerate or stuttering to try and set the in-game graphics settings automatically. Some reviewers’ games crash instantly and they aren’t able to get past the main menu itself, in which case the dev details how to send a bug report to help speed up the team’s work on an update.

While you wait for an update from Hexworks, you can browse through our rundown on the Lords of the Fallen system requirements to better understand what kind of rig you need to properly run the new game. If you’re not having performance issues yourself, you can look at our in-depth guide on all of the Lords of the Fallen bosses to help you progress.