Lords of the Fallen’s insufferable snipers have been dealt with

Lords of the Fallen finally deals with those insufferable snipers among other things, as Hexworks rolls out another sizable patch for the soulslike game.

Lords of the Fallen patch 1.1.195

Another Lords of the Fallen patch has dropped and while it makes a slew of improvements to the Hexworks soulslike game, I’m immediately pleased to tell you that those incredibly annoying ranged enemies that feel like they can snipe you at any distance using what feels like the latest installment in hitscan tech have been pared back, among other changes.

Lords of the Fallen patch v.1.1.195 is here and between enemy AI, balancing, quests, and more it makes improvements across the game. I mentioned the snipers in my Lords of the Fallen review, and I’m so happy to hear that Hexworks has fixed them because it was insufferable.

“The ‘snipers’ at Pilgrim Perch have had their aiming capabilities revised. They now have a high chance of missing their shots when the target is beyond 15 meters,” developer Hexworks rights.

The problem before was how you’d be either just running back to a location or in the middle of a close-quarters fight and still aware of your surroundings and in both scenarios, enemies would always hit you for lots of damage from a distance. You could dodge these attacks, but the window was so small that it was incredibly difficult, so I’m glad it’s been changed. In aiming to be a game like Dark Souls here, Hexworks went a bit too far.

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Status effect resistance rings have also been buffed to make them more viable, and even what the moving merchant sells has been changed to encourage what Hexworks thinks might be an OP build.

Hexworks has also “Modified ‘the moving merchant’ to sell two copies of the Slave Hunter Dagger, encouraging players to explore the dual-knives dual-wielding stance, which may be slightly overpowered and subject to potential nerfs in the future.”

I’ve been using dual swords my entire playthrough, or dual buckets, and I can safely say that it’s amazing. The Bloodborne-adjacent health regen mechanic means that blocking with swords instead of a shield is incredibly valuable, and it’s nice to see Hexworks continue to push that play style.

The Lords of the Fallen v.1.1.195 patch notes have some more fixes as well, but these are the big ones.

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