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Lords of the Fallen update adds crossplay, overhauls New Game Plus

The new Lords of the Fallen update, 1.1.249, overhauls New Game Plus, adds crossplay, and, most importantly, celebrates Halloween in style.

New Lords of the Fallen update adds crossplay, overhauls New Game Plus: A woman in dirty armor holds out a glowing golden sword at the camera in a ruined church setting

Lords of the Fallen is out in the wild, enticing many an adventurer deep into the bowels of Mournstead in a quest to overthrow Adyr, the tyrannical demon god. The soulslike’s latest update – dubbed ‘The Pumpkin Patch’ – includes the highly requested overhaul to New Game Plus, as well as adding crossplay and a whole-new Halloween event – complete with a creepy Jack-o’-lantern-inspired helmet.

As if Mournstead couldn’t get any creepier, Lords of the Fallen‘s woeful world will now be decked out in various Halloween decorations, adding a splash of spooky to Hexworks’ debut RPG game. That’s not all, though, because your Dark Crusader can now don a Jack-o’-lantern-inspired helmet, complete with stitched up eyes, gnashing jaws, and a crown of thorns. Creepy.

A helmet that looks like a pumpkin with a crown of thorns on it on an eerie green background

But Halloween isn’t why you’re here, is it? You’re here to read about the changes to the Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus system. NG+ is now entirely tiered, meaning Vestiges are incrementally removed to enhance the difficulty.

So, for example, in NG+1, only nine are removed, whereas in NG+2, 14 are. By the time we get to NG+3, there are no Vestiges left except for Skyrest Bridge and Adyr’s Shrine, easily making it the hardest difficulty yet. If you’re a glutton for punishment, then all of this is good news for you – after all, who doesn’t love a bit of struggle with their soulslike?

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Finally, the Pumpkin Patch update also launches with crossplay for PC players, meaning both PC and console can play with one another. It’s a highly requested feature given the game’s multiplayer function, so if your fellow Dark Crusaders are on console and you haven’t been able to band together so far, now is, indeed, the time.

Other updates include a decrease in enemy density in areas where players were really struggling, and further performance enhancements. You can check those out here.

If the Pumpkin Patch has caught your eye and lured you back into the Umbral, then it’s worth checking out our list of the best Lords of the Fallen classes. We also have a rundown of the best Lords of the Fallen weapons, too – and you’ll need them if you’re planning to take on New Game Plus.