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The Mobius Machine release date, trailer, and latest news

Everything you need to know about The Mobius Machine release date, as well as trailers and news about the upcoming Metroidvania game.

The Mobuis Machine guide: a spaceman jumping and firing his gun at an alien with lots of teeth.

When is The Mobius Machine release date? Stop us if you’ve heard this concept before: you are a space explorer traversing across an alien moon, using powers you find inside abandoned bases to fight the local fauna and corrupted machines as you attempt to escape.

Yes, it sounds a lot like Nintendo’s Metroid series, but there’s a bit more to The Mobius Machine than meets the eye. This Metroidvania game centers around a mysterious contraption hidden inside an abandoned base that could be the key to getting home. Join us as we uncover The Mobius Machine release date, examine the trailer for clues, and fil you in on everything else that’s known so far.

The Mobius Machine release date

The Mobius Machine release date is Friday, March 1, 2024 and it will be available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Mac.

According to the official FAQ for The Mobius Machine, the game will include free updates “for a while after launch”. It’s unclear what these updates will consist of at this time, but you can probably find out more via the game’s Steam page in the coming weeks.

In addition to coming to the platforms mentioned above, The Mobius Machine is confirmed by Madruga Works games to work “totally fine” on Valve’s Steam Deck.

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The Mobius Machine trailer

In the trailer for the cute-looking 2D platformer, you crash land in the middle of the Isolaria moon with no powers to speak of and only a pistol to defend yourself with. However, partway through the trailer, we do see a treadmill of sorts that powers on a generator. It’s likely that this is the titular Mobius Machine, though precisely what it does is currently a mystery.

We do, however, also see a workbench where the player has access to blueprints for the burst-rifle Assault module, a single-shot long-ranged Sniper module, and the short-range Scatter module that fires three bullets at once. All of these require a scrap resource to create, which you can gather by blasting away at enemies until they burst.

Several power-ups are also shown off outside of the three revealed weapon types mentioned above. The first is a jetpack that’s used to make the player soar up and latch onto increasingly higher bits of a ladder. The player can also float with a glider to reach the other side of larger gaps. Contraptions will also need to be unlocked to turn on long-dormant parts of the facility.

The Mobius Machine guide: the player is shooting at underwater fauna on an alien planet close to an abandoned facility.

The Mobius Machine gameplay

For those inexperienced with Metroidvania games, Madruga Works says in the game’s online FAQ that they should finish the game in around 15 hours but states that “it will depend on the player’s skill and level of familiarity.”

A beta demo was released in January 2024, allowing fans to try navigating a small part of the world. From the footage we’ve seen so far, the player’s character has a healing pack that charges as you kill enemies but can be used at any time by holding down a button. Your firearms are also multi-directional, a feature that supposedly works well on gamepads as well as keyboard and mouse configurations.

Feedback was gathered as a result of the beta testing and, as a result, Madruga Works made many gameplay balances and fixed some pesky bugs, with the most important of these being tweaks to the map to include more shortcuts to the Workshop and tweaking the amount of scrap found and scrap requirements for creating new upgrades.

Until the game’s release, that’s everything we know about The Mobius Machine. However, it’s not a long wait, and soon, you’ll be able to dive in to explore the platform game‘s many areas. Of course, there are plenty of other upcoming PC games in the next few weeks also vying for your attention.