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Two brilliant action RPGs are free to keep right now, but move fast

Explore dark Victorian cities and entire colourful galaxies alike in these two action RPGs, yours to keep forever if you’re quick enough.

The Epic Games Store has carved out an impressive niche for itself: it somehow always manages to be offering a game you’ve always thought about playing, completely for free. This week, those games include the Thief reboot and The Outer Worlds.

Even ten years later, the Thief reboot holds up as a solid stealth and action RPG game, granting the player free choice to approach their sneaking around the gothic city in a variety of ways. Want to silently creep around every guard and backstab them without a sound? You can!

Want to instead clear a room with a volley of bow headshots as soon as you enter, turning to wanton violence instead of quiet stealth? You can! Although the game is often compared to the original games and considered by Thief fans not to stand up to those standards, it’s difficult not to recommend this game when it’s free to keep.

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The Outer Worlds, by stark comparison, sees you soar across the stars to the Halcyon colonies, building bonds with other colonists to become your companions and creating your own story with diverging paths based on your choices.

Although reduced by some to just ‘Fallout in space’ (for some fair reason – it’s developed by Fallout: New Vegas creators Obsidian Entertainment, and the Tactical Time Dilation state is VATS by any other name), The Outer Worlds’ uniquely vibrant colour palette and interstellar art direction sets it apart from other spacebound RPGs. The Outer Worlds was worth its price at launch, so unless your head’s in the sky, make sure you grab it for free.

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