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The Epic Games Store has given away over $10k in free games

The Epic Games Store has given away roughly $10,000 of free games since 2018, with at least one game given away a week for over five years.

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The Epic Games Store has given away approximately $10,000 worth of free games since 2018, according to our research. Epic has been giving away a minimum of one free game a week for over five years, with almost 400 releases adding up to the five-digit figure.

Back in 2020, we reported that the Epic Games Store gave away more than £2,000 worth of free games, with that number skyrocketing in the four years since. By our calculations, the Epic Games Store has given away 393 games at an approximate dollar value of $10,110.41, or around £7,950. Some games like Death Stranding have appeared more than once, so keep that in mind.

Since the Epic Games Store started in 2018 it’s been giving away at least one free game a week, sometimes more. Over the holiday period every year, Epic also gives away a free game a day, with 17 making the cut this year. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was the last free game over the holidays in 2023-2024, with three more games made available since then.

Some massive games have been given away by Epic over the years including Civilization 6, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Death Stranding. There have been plenty of smaller games too, with many indie developers sharing renewed success thanks to a brief stint as an EGS free game.

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The current free game on the Epic Games Store is Infinifactory, which will be available until Thursday, February 1 when it will be replaced by Doors – Paradox.

Other platforms like Steam and GOG aren’t averse to giving away free games, but the Epic Games Store’s consistent giveaways and exclusivity deals have been key ways that the Fortnite maker has attempted to bring players to its platform.

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