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Someone has already done a full pacifist run of The Outer Worlds

Rejoice, you can do an Outer Worlds pacifist playthrough

The Outer Worlds companion Ellie firing her gun

The Outer Worlds offers plenty of nuanced ways to approach situations, but regardless of how high you build your speech skills, most players are going to spend a lot of time killing NPCs. People have wondered since before launch whether it would be possible to complete a murder-free tour of the latest in Obsidian’s tradition of RPG games, and now we’ve got definitive proof that it’s been done.

Kyle Hinckley has finished a full pacifist run of The Outer Worlds on the game’s hardest difficulty, a few years after he managed the same feat in Fallout 4. While a few players here and there say they’ve managed a successful kill-free playthrough, Hinckley has documented the whole process through a 50-part Let’s Play series of The Outer Worlds.

“It’s a masterpiece of in-game story writing,” Hinckley tells Polygon, “and very accommodating for pacifists and genocidists alike.” His build was focused on charisma so he could talk his way out of a lot of encounters, but it often came down to simply running away.

Not every quest can be finished murder-free, but you can absolutely make it through to the game’s conclusion.

You can check out the start of the run above.

If you’re looking for other sorts of player-driven challenges, The Outer Worlds speedrun is now down to under 15 minutes. Look forward to seeing how the pacifist speedrun shakes out in the future.