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New crime game is like classic GTA but you play as a cop

While we wait for GTA 6, isometric cop game The Precinct finally has a release date on Steam, and we'll be in our own noir movie real soon.

The Precinct release date: a US cop in a flat black hat with a black collared jacket

If you’ve been hoping for someone to pick up the mantle of classic Grand Theft Auto, and I don’t just mean before GTA Online took over the series with myriad updates and heists, then The Precinct is for you. Setting you up as a cop in the ‘80s, this isometric open-world is perfect as we wait for GTA 6 in 2025 – and it just got a release date that’s incredibly soon.

The Precinct will put you on the other side of the law during all the car chases, shootouts, and fist fights we’ve come to expect from GTA. Taking up the role of new officer Nick Cordell Jr. you’ll be thrust into a noir story filled with a city to explore, procedurally generated crimes to solve, and a whole lot more.

The open-world game format is being used by developer Fallen Tree Games to let you tackle missions your way, be that alone or with the support system that lets you call the rest of the force for backup. Now you’ll have GTA’s five-star force at your back, instead of against it. The procedurally generated crimes can also range from gang shootouts to parking violations, so while you could be chasing perps through alleys and backstreets, you may also just end up writing a ticket in the pouring rain.

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While we still don’t know the exact GTA 6 release date, we finally have one for The Precinct. So if you want to try being on the other side of the law to help you get ready for what may very well be Rockstar’s magnum opus, now’s your chance.

The Precinct is coming to PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store alongside consoles on Thursday August 15, and you can wishlist the game right here.

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