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The Sims 4 lets you experience death by hamster

Of all the funny ways to die that EA has added to The Sims 4, the most amusing by far has to be when a Sim dies due to a rodent bite.

The Sims 4 death by hamster: a young girl with tied-back black hair is bit by a tan and white hamster on her face

The Sims 4 offers a variety of features that makes it one of my favorite simulation games to date. Its unique death system is definitely what takes the cake by far, though. EA went all out with death in The Sims 4, giving us a wide range of creative ways to kill off our dear Sims. From having them face off against a Cowplant to catching a killer disease from an innocent pet hamster, poor Sims are highly susceptible to dying in all sorts of fashions.

What’s that, you ask, about a pet hamster causing something as damaging and permanent as death? Well, if you own the My First Pet Stuff  Pack for The Sims 4, then you know you can buy all sorts of rodents for your Sims. From the whimsical miniature bubalus to the highly intelligent rat, cats and dogs may seem boring once you explore what other little animals the game has in store for your family.

As is the case with all things in The Sims series, though, these seemingly innocent guys don’t come without some seriously dark possibilities. Sure, your pet may randomly travel to space (one of my favorite features in any game ever), but it could also opt to bite your Sim without any remorse. If your Sims handle your hamster too often without properly caring for it or building a good bond, they may quickly find themselves in a world of hurt, as showcased in this post by fan Abi Doang.

The pain doesn’t just end with the bite if your hamster’s cage is dirty. It starts with the ‘Bite-Sized Bite’ debuff that lasts two hours. Then, you may find that your Sim is coughing or sneezing as though they’re sick. They’ll obtain a new debuff dubbed ‘Feeling Fuzzy,’ which tells you that you should have your Sim “research their fever on a computer to find a cure.” If you don’t buy an antidote within an in-game day, your Sim will end up with ‘Fuzzy Fever.’

They’ll be even more ill, and eventually obtain the ‘Rabid Rodent Fever’ debuff where they’re dangerously contagious and delirious. Your Sim will have one more in-game day to book it to the hospital before they foam at the mouth and, well, drop dead. As if the death itself wasn’t amusingly gruesome enough, a Sim that dies due to a rodent bite will result in a ghost cursed to forever wear a full-body hamster suit. Cheeky.

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