Maxis wants your Sims 4 saves to fix error code 0

Sims 4 fans are finding themselves unable save thanks to error code 0 - the devs have a fix for the "majority" of players, but they need your saves to finish it

Sims 4 error code 0: A Sim couple chooses a wedding cake flavour

If you’re running into error code 0 in The Sims 4, you’re not alone. Error code 0 leaves you unable to save your Sims 4 game, and it’s an issue players have been dealing with off and on for ages. Reports have been ramping up over the past few weeks, however, and the developers at Maxis seem to be close to a fix – but they’ll need your save files to make that happen.

“We’re actively working to fix error code 0,” quality designer SimGuruNick says on Twitter. “I’ve been testing a potential fix that has worked on the majority of player-provided saves… but not all of them. So I’d like to humbly request more save files. I need to verify this gets fixed for all players, not just most.” The devs are asking for affected saves at this link.

Some players are finding that using the ‘save as’ command can work, even when the normal save function shows error code 0. The bug is affecting players on console, too – not just PC. A report on the issue was posted a month ago on the official support forum, and the devs seem to suspect it has something to do with the wedding cake item in the notoriously buggy My Wedding Stories pack.

Elsewhere on social media, the Sims 4 devs are teasing what might just be the next expansion pack – though right now they’re sticking with the [redacted] gag.

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