The Sims 4 gets a freelance career in next week’s free update

The April update brings a bounty of free additions

The next free update to The Sims 4 will bring a brand new career path for freelancers. Yes, your Sim will be able to eschew the stability of traditional employment in favour of the gig economy, as either an artist, writer, or programmer. You’ll be able to get some new career rewards – including a laptop – and the April 16 update will also bring plenty of other new stuff.

In the freelancing career, your Sim will work from home on various gigs. As with Get Famous’s actor career, you’ll have an agency which will offer you gigs to complete over time. You can opt into more jobs if you want more money, or fewer if you want more time to yourself. (No word on whether or not you’ll have to hound employers for back payments and stress out over estimated taxes, but otherwise it’s not the true freelance experience.)

The laptop career reward is especially notable, since laptops were only recently introduced to the game as part of the Strangerville expansion. Now the long-requested computer type will be part of the base game for free.

You can see more details on the update through today’s Maxis Monthly stream, as noted by Polygon.

The Sims 4 will get new DLC of each major type in the next six months: an expansion pack, a game pack, and a stuff pack. The developers have yet to detail what those will entail, however.

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Even if The Sims 4’s paid expansions have continued to come a little too frequently, there’s no doubt the free updates have added plenty to the game, too.