The Sims 4 Horse Ranch confirms release date, and I’m shouting yee-haw

The Sims 4 has just revealed its new expansion featuring horses, goats, sheep, and all the Wild West-themed goodies you could ever want.

A blonde toddler Sim hugging a white and brown spotted baby goat

The Sims 4 has finally revealed its upcoming expansion pack, and I’m ready to hit the simulation game‘s new trails. Horse Ranch isn’t going to be EA’s first rodeo with horses in The Sims, but it definitely looks as though it’ll be the best one yet. From equestrian sports to brand-new farm animals, The Sims 4 is bringing a variety of new western-themed content with the upcoming expansion. Horse Ranch is filled to the brim with highly requested content.

The first and most obvious addition coming with Horse Ranch is, well… horses. Not only are we getting horses though, but we are getting a variety of equestrian events like dressage and jumping for our Sims to partake in. Considering the strong cowboy vibes shown in the trailer, rodeos are also likely to come with Horse Ranch. Aside from riding-related sports, Sims will be able to breed and care for their horses, raise their foals, and watch the magical beasts interact with other animals.

You read that right, other animals are also coming with the expansion. Goats and sheep are making their way to your Sims’ farms, adding more life to the already existing animals from the Cottage Living pack. Horses, goats, and sheep have all been highly requested by Simmers since the aforementioned expansion’s release, especially due to other animals like chickens and cows having been included.

Horse Ranch’s reveal trailer showed the new animals off in every mood, from adorably angry baby sheep stomping their hooves to wild horses rejecting Sims’ training efforts. It feels like a cowboy-inspired Wild West pack through and through, as all the Sims shown in the teaser are wearing the iconic western hats and boots. I also spotted Sims crushing berries for wine with their feet in giant barrels, which means that more organic activities may be coming to accompany knitting and painting.

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You can grab The Sims 4 Horse Ranch on Thursday, July 20 for $39.99 / £34.99 here on EA’s website.. If you purchase the expansion pack early, you will receive a few in-game bonus items. The ’63 Twilight Notes Resonator Guitar, Softly Spoke n’ Petals, and Rocking Star furniture pieces are included in the Rockin’ Rancher digital pre-order bonus bundle.

The baby goats are seriously the cutest things I have ever seen. I’m not sure I can wait a whole month to let my inner horse girl out if I’m completely honest. I suppose if I have had to wait years already since playing with horses in The Sims 3, I can survive a little longer.

We can only hope for cars and fairies now, EA may just listen after giving us horses. If you too are a certified Sims stan, then you should have a look through some of our other favorite life games to get your love for digital dollhouses thriving. You can also browse through a few of the best sandbox games if you want to get your creativity flowing. For more Sims-specific content, be sure to check out the greatest Sims 4 mods to spice up your gameplay for free.