Two new Sims 4 kits are on the way with fresh fashion and styles

The new Sims 4 kits adds several sets of clothing for your life game kids and some swanky desert furniture for the ideal indoor/outdoor setup

Sims 4 kits: a group of men and women sit around a table while talking and laughing

Two new Sims 4 kits are on the way, bringing fresh fashions for your trendy teens and high-end furnishings for everyone else in the life game. EA and Maxis announced the two new kits, First Fits and Desert Luxe, not long after the High School Years expansion released. Expect First Fits to launch September 1 and Desert Luxe on September 14 for PC and console. Maxis didn’t specify a price, but it seems safe to assume the new Sims 4 kits will probably cost the usual $4.99.

First Fits brings a mix of casual and formal wear for your child and teen Sims, which Maxis describes as perfect for all occasions, whether you’re prepping for a friend’s party or a trip out, or just want to look your best in the classroom.

Considering some of the fashion atrocities the High School Expansion’s trendy fashion system helped spawn in the game, a new infusion of clothing options to mix and match is most welcome indeed – even if it only leads to more clothing crimes.

The Sims 4 kits: a group of children are standing together on a playground

Desert Luxe promises to let you make your own oasis, whether you’re actually in a barren wilderness or just want to bring a bit of desert chic to your normal neighborhood home. The kit adds some swanky seating options, what looks like a sandstone kitchen and table, in what Maxis described as neutral tones that fit anywhere, and even an outdoor bar and indoor curtains for the ultimate indoor/outdoor living space.

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