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Two new Sims 4 kits aim to seduce you with pair of romantic locations

Head on a date to the bistro or chill by the pool in these two new kits for The Sims 4, full of the promise of romantic encounters.

Two new Sims 4 kits aim to seduce you with pair of romantic locations: Two The Sims 4 characters sit and flirt in a cozy bistro.

There isn’t enough romance in gaming. Of course there are plenty of games which feature romantic options, but there’s little seduction with scant time taken for dating or truly getting to know someone else. The Sims 4 is slowly fixing that and with two new kits coming soon the chance for romance has just increased. So if you’ve ever wanted to explore love in a surrounding designed to make you swoon, you’re going to get that chance soon.

Romance doesn’t just blossom when there’s two people interested in each other, sometimes you have to soak up the vibes too. That’s something The Sims 4 understands very well with the legendary life game unleashing two new kits on players. These two DLC packs are drenched in the scent of seduction, taking your Sims to places they can really get to know each other. Or they’re just great for breakfast and some chilling out by the pool, it’s up to you.

The first kit coming soon is titled Riviera Retreat. Set in an old fashioned pool surrounded by arches, it’s a place to lounge, relax, and spend time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s the perfect place to kick back and enjoy life, or you can bring a date and splash about with a cocktail. Or two. This will include everything you need to build your own retreat, complete with pool, lush greenery, and much more.

The second new kit is the Cozy Bistro. Not the largest restaurant ever created, this little bijou bar is tailor made to be an intimate setting for your Sim and someone they’re interested in. It’s filled with tons of rustic amenities you can add to your own bars and restaurants, adding a touch of class to your creations. By day it’s a place for brunching, maybe a bottomless brunch – you never know your luck – and by night candlelight pools around each table.

Both kits are designed to enhance your game, focused around romantic locations which promise to bring people together. They all come part of The Sims 4’s Season of Love which is currently pouring a glint of glamor all over the game.

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You’ll be able to nab both Riviera Retreat and Cozy Bistro kits for The Sims 4 on Thursday, May 30. You can get more information over on the official site.

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