Sims 4 update “bug” is making everything catch fire, even the toilet

An alleged Sims 4 update bug is making everything in the EA free game catch fire, as Sims 4 Reddit suggests possible solutions ahead of Project Rene and Sims 5

Sims 4 update “bug” is making everything catch fire, even the toilet: a Sim from the free PC game Sims 4

A supposed Sims 4 update bug is making everything in the EA free PC game – including the toilet – burst into flames, as Sims 4 Reddit debates possible solutions ahead of the launch of Project Rene and the upcoming Sims 5 release date.

Regardless of Sims’ cooking skills, Sims 4 players say that almost every time they try and prepare something to eat, a fire breaks out, causing distress, property damage, and potentially death. “It’s gotten so bad my current family has been living off of garden and watermelon salad to avoid using the stove or grill,” says one Sims 4 player. “They just don’t have the money to replace a $400 stove almost daily. There have been several times where the stove caught fire twice in one day.” “I maxed out all my Sims’ skills like cooking, gourmet cooking, mixology, and even upgraded all kitchen appliances to top tier,” writes another. “And. They. Still. Set. Everything. On. Fire.”

Other players explain how fires have become a constant presence in their Sims’ homes regardless of trying to cook anything. “Four Sims died in an apartment just now from a random fire from the toilet”, says one unfortunate Simmer. “The firemen couldn’t put out the fire since the bathroom was too small. I left without saving the game. I couldn’t handle the tragedy.”

Players on the Sims 4 Reddit have postulated that the increase in fires may be connected to a bug in a recent update, which introduced the Loyal trait, designed to make Sims in committed relationships less likely to flirt or cheat with other Sims. Other players have noticed an increase in fires even when their Sims do not have the Loyal trait.

And it isn’t just fires that are supposedly on the rise, with players also noticing a general increase in “bad things” happening, including accidental deaths and Sims being confrontational and unkind to one another. “There seems to be a bug right now where more bad things are happening much more frequently than usual,” writes one player. “It’s annoying because my perfectly nice Sim did a complete 180 on their reputation.”

“I also noticed my Sims have been so mean!,” says another. “My Sim’s relationship with his wife has gone down because he’ll randomly yell at her. I have to micromanage every interaction because they’ll start fights for no reason.” “New update sent the accident rate skyrocketing,” says a third. “I created a new world a few days ago and going through the various households, two thirds of all households have died.”

If everything in your Sims house is burning down, you might want to try and put it right using some of the best Sims 4 cheats. You could also try some Sims 4 mods to keep the accident rate down, or pick up some new, unburned furniture from the best Sims 4 creators and packs. Alternatively, you might just want to imagine some of the great Sims 5 mods we’ll be seeing in the future, none of which, hopefully, will make your toilet burn down.