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Cult Lovecraftian horror game The Sinking City is getting a sequel

Lovecraftian horror game The Sinking City 2 will take us to the fictional 1920s city of Arkham in the United States, leaning in on the fear.

The Sinking City 2 - A woman with white hair, tears running down her face.

The Sinking City 2 will see the return of the cult Lovecraftian horror game in 2025. While the first game in the series placed a primary focus on detective work, developer Frogwares is taking the sequel in a new direction, pushing more into the survival horror genre with a reveal trailer reminiscent of The Evil Within and the recent Resident Evil 4 remake. Built in Unreal Engine 5, The Sinking City 2 is set to take us to one of the most famous settings created by writer H.P. Lovecraft.

Set in the infamous fictional city of Arkham, Massachusetts, The Sinking City 2 is leaning all the way into being a full-blown survival horror game. With the city plagued by a supernatural flood that has left in its wake a rotting husk, filled with Eldritch abominations, it’s up to you to uncover the mysteries that have led you to its streets.

Those detective elements from the first game will still be present, although these will now be entirely optional. “We want investigation to be a beneficial part of the game but just for those who want it, offering tangible gameplay bonuses and eureka moments without it being a requirement to progress,” executive producer Denys Chebotarov explains.

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The developer, which is based in the Ukraine, says it will be utilizing Kickstarter to fund the ongoing development of The Sinking City 2. “Our previous game, Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, was fully developed and released during the war,” CEO Wael Amr notes. “Through Kickstarter and our supporters, we built ourselves a safety net that saved us more than once. So we need to do the same with The Sinking City 2 as this game is vastly bigger and more complex.”

I have a soft spot in my heart for The Sinking City, a game that does some good work capturing the Lovecraft vibe and mythos but falls down somewhat on the actual mechanics of playing it. Hopefully this new direction will resolve those issues, as we explore the streets of Arkham equipped with all manner of 1920s weaponry.

Until then, look forward to more of the biggest and best upcoming PC games alongside us, or take out your magnifying glass and get to work investigating the best detective games.

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