The Surge launch trailer shows what happens when good robots go bad

The Surge

You know the drill by now: humans create robots to aid our daily lives and they respond by developing sentience and harvesting our organic matter. The world of The Surge didn’t heed any warnings from sci-fi fiction, and now factory workers have to fight off angry forklifts with makeshift weapons. 

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Luckily, lugging around massive lumps of metal to batter enemies with won’t be an issue thanks to your rig. This is a transhuman future where factory workers get an exoskeleton – a rig – grafted to them to make them more efficient. Handy.

Our Jordan played the first six hours and he reckons The Surge is shaping up to be really good. The launch trailer above does a pretty good job of setting the scene for its Dark Souls-inspired dungeon crawling.

If you want to rip the limbs from mechanical foes, you can play The Surge when it releases next week, May 16.