The Texas Chain Saw Massacre character selection explained

With only one of each character allowed in a match, we find out if you’re able to choose or change your TCM character, or take it from someone else.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre character selection: A close up of the victim character Julie on a rusty, orange-brown backdrop.

Can you choose your character in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? The multiplayer game, based on the 1974 movie of the same name, brings seven players together in one iconic location: three killers versus four victims. In a unique twist to the genre, you can’t have multiple of the same character in a match, so can you choose who to play as?

As we highlight in our Texas Chain Saw Massacre review, there is a range of characters to choose from in the horror game, including familiar faces and brand-new friends. Since the game is based before the events of the 1974 movie, there’s plenty of room for developer Sumo Nottingham to release more new characters and maps. All survivors so far are original characters, while the new killers are already among the fan favorites and the top of our tier list – but what if you do have a preferred character? Can you choose to play them in every Texas Chain Saw Massacre match?

Can you change your Texas Chain Saw Massacre character?

You can choose which character to play as in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but since each can only be played once per match, you might miss out to someone else. To change character, hit the ‘characters’ tab and click on your chosen avatar – if it’s free, it’s all yours.

An icon will appear above each taken character avatar, showing the user icon for the player in question. Any without this detail are available to take. What you can’t do once you’re in a lobby is switch teams, sadly. If you select Quick Match from the main menu, you are randomly assigned to either the family or victim team, and can’t move to the other. To join a specific team, select either Family or Victims from the home screen instead.

The character swap screen in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, showing a requested swap between Julie and Sonny.

Can you swap TCM characters with someone else?

If you find yourself in a lobby and someone else has already picked your fave, you can ask them (very nicely, of course) to swap with you. Go into the character tab, select the character you wish to play, and a swap pop-up will appear for you.

If you’re on a mic, you can go straight in and do this over voice chat, but the official way of asking someone to swap is much easier. If they aren’t happy with your character, they can accept and swap for another. If a player has readied up, you won’t be able to request a swap.

Where’s Leatherface in TCM?

Leatherface has to appear in every match, which itself brings up a new issue with character selection. If you and your crew want to play as, say, Johnny, Sissy, and Hitchhiker, well, sorry, one of you has gotta take the hit or the match won’t start.

So you have almost complete freedom regarding which character you select in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – unless multiple Johnny mains end up in a lobby together, that is. As you’re getting used to the challenging multiplayer game, we’ve got more TCM tips for you in our beginner’s guide, including just what Grandpa is there to do.